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The Narrow Gauge is a quarterly magazine that records the history and development of narrow gauge rail transport, and also publishes feature length articles on the current scene that are beyond the scope of the Society's Newsletter. The magazine covers the full spectrum of the narrow gauge scene - UK and overseas, industrial, preserved and public railways, locomotives and rolling stock, on all gauges. It examines the social and historical background of the narrow gauge, as well as providing prototype information for the modeller.

All articles are written by society members, and the society encourages members to submit manuscripts for potential publication. Our intention is to present a balanced, well illustrated publication.

Back issues are available from the Sales Officer.


Narrow Gauge News is published bi-monthly in May, July, September, November, January and March. It features up-to-date company, pleasure, preservation and industrial news of both the current Narrow Gauge and the Miniature scene in the UK and Overseas.

The publication also includes  Book and Video Reviews, sections on Research and Archaeology, a noticeboard for Area Groups and promotions of sales and events. Published with full colour pictures. 


Download March 2019 Issue of NGN

as an example of the magazine


As well as the regular magazine, 'special issues' of The Narrow Gauge concentrating on one subject are published from time to time - covering subjects as diverse as a specific narrow gauge system, the products of a particular locomotive builder or dealer, or the life of an individual who made a significant contribution to the narrow gauge.






Sent: 04 April 2016 10:17
I’ve just joined the Society and wanted to thank you for sending through the superb publications with my new membership. They are really well put together and are an excellent read. Many thanks....   Peter Jones

Sent: Sun, 3 Apr 2016 13:19:57
Narrow Gauge News

Here are a few, probably inadequate words for the effort that you and the team must have put in to the splendid March edition of NGN.  The excellent magazine aside, I was fascinated by the booklet on the monorail system and by the Hudson catalogue, in which the monorail also features.  I was previously completely unaware of this system and of course, fell to wondering if in some forgotten corner of the world traces or remains might still be found.  Maybe one day, in Archaeology and History…………!

Well done one and all – your hard work is much appreciated.

Best regards, Rod Briggs



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