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AGM 2020

As you may all no doubt be aware the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the UK has resulted in the closure of the railways hosting our meeting and weekend entertainment.


Having taken cognisance of the UK Government advice and the need for social distancing we have regrettably taken the decision to summarily Adjourn the Narrow Gauge Railway Society Annual General Meeting of the 9th May. The lack of a quorum forces adjournment in accordance with Article 32. The Location where the AGM was to have taken place is closed.

The Annual General Meeting will now occur at a time or place to be determined by the Directors (Article 32(4)(a)).

The Directors currently consider that the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic may be protracted and are reviewing how a virtual meeting might take place in order to comply with our Company obligations.


Please return your proxy voting forms as these are likely to be used in a virtual meeting.


The Minutes of the 2019 AGM are also available for review.  Please check the website Home Page or the dedicated  Virtual AGM Page for further updates


Statfold Barn Open Days 2020

Statfold Barn is returning to  the concept of Enthusiasts days, which in 2020 was to be held on March 21st, June 13th  and be part of the Rail,Road & Ale weekend of Sept 12-13th as in 2019. March attractions would have been the grand opening

of the new workshops based in the museum and the opening of the normally inaccessible storage area. The March event has been re-scheduled for August 8th.


NGRS Visits ( www.ngrs.org/visits )

Details of visits and application forms can be found on our  Visits Page, You will be able to apply for an organised visits by printing out and submitting the required Application Form. Currently one visit has been arranged to Frossy-Cappy-Dompierre on September 27th, but more will follow from the issue of the March NGN.

To clarify the legal position of members and the public making visits to railway sites or our library, you are advised to read our Policy for visitors thoroughly. This is also available from the Downloads page

A recent change is that NGRS visits are members-only and open solely to people who are full,  e-, Associate or Visits and e-NGN members. An application for various levels of membership can be made via the Membership page

A daytrip to Frossy-Cappy-Dompierre on September 27th 2020 has been arranged as a joint venture with the RCTS and members with email addresses will have been notified directly via Membermojo to establish the level of interest. Applications for this trip are now available to all members from our Visits Page!


Your Personal Details:

Members should regularly check their personal details, especially after email or house address changes. This MemberMojo  link, also available via the 'Membership' page on the left, will allow you  to check and amend your details. The Data Protection Act, as it affects the NGRS, can be found on the same page and will be updated before May 25th 2018.


Narrow Gauge and Miniature Railways Guide: PUBLIC Edition 2019


The latest guide (Mar 2019) is now available as a PDF file PUBLIC EDITION.


Over the last few years, the Society has enjoyed considerable growth in our library collection and resources, and it continues to grow !!  This expansion meant that a printed Library list would be expensive to produce, and be difficult to keep up to date for members.  We have therefore trialled an on-line catalogue.  Following feedback from members, it was felt that an easier way to search was required, rather than the multi-tab spreadsheet format offered.


Members will find a simple LIBRARY SEARCH tool in the Library section of this website which will open in a new window. Alongside this, members will still be able to download a copy of the library list spreadsheet for their own use at home.

As always we welcome feedback from members, drop the librarian (Jim Hay) a line at howard9841931@hotmail.co.uk

Should any members require a printed list, or have any particular requirements please feel free to contact the Society librarian by email or by post.



For it's rarity and for interest, we have retained a link here to a video Running on Air taken at Lea Bailey Mine on 10th May, the AGM Weekend of 2015 in the Forest of Dean



Your railway collection…. what happens to it when you die?  Think about it and Act Now. Our Bequests Leaflet gives you some advice, including suitable wording, to include now in your will or codecil.



A Yahoo Group NGRailwaySociety was started in April 2007 to enable anyone with a Narrow Gauge interest to communicate with each other. Yahoo changed in 2019, so we started another group at https://groups.io/ called NGRailwaySociety.io  

Still with facilities to add files and photographs, make use of the group abnd tell us what you think..

If you are not already a member, don't worry, you can sign up to Groups.io and join any group which interests you. You can arrange for messages to be picked up from the site or from your normal email account, either by individual emails or as a daily digest..



DISCLAIMER AND PRIVACY POLICY : We make every effort to ensure all the details on our web site are correct and up to date.

        However we take no responsibility for loss due to inaccuracies on these pages.

Our Privacy Policy, in light of the recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), can be viewed via the link (PDF file)


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