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Special Issues of "The Narrow Gauge" (latest at the top)

256. THE GREAT BUSH RAILWAY  “Currently Unavailable”.

 Author: Ian Oughton. 108 pages. Full colour

This book tells the story of a narrow gauge railway located at Hadlow Down in East Sussex. The line was started by Claude Jessett in 1958 as an 8” gauge miniature railway. Later, a short 5” gauge railway was added. Then, in 1969, a 2ft gauge locomotive was acquired. This became the main focus and the miniature railways

were eventually dismantled. Over time, the 2ft gauge railway has been developed into an extensive line, which continues today. It is a private railway, with regular open days. This is a full history of the railway, told by an author who was closely associated with

its development for over 40 years. The book describes in detail the sheer hard work that went into its progress, covering every aspect of the task including track, layout and stock. There is a full description of all the locomotives (almost 30 in total) which have been associated with the line. There are over 200 illustrations.

Including postage (2nd class within UK); order usually despatched within 7 days


253. RAILWAYS FOR RECREATION   “Currently Unavailable”.

40 pages.  Base price 7.50

The story of a novel idea for rail transport that initially flourished in Europe, took off on the other side of the world in Australia and New Zealand, but then – life most novelties – died as popularity waned. All in just eight years from 1900 to 1907.  

The idea was a Sea Serpent, or dragon: basically a small train of wagons with a large head as the leading wagon, completely covered from end to end, to resemble a Serpent.   They were an integral part of exhibitions and fairs in London, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne and Christchurch in New Zealand.  A full account of a fascinating, previously unrecorded, aspect of the narrow gauge.

Including postage (2nd class within UK); order usually despatched within 7 days


251. ROANOKE MINIATURE LOCOMOTIVES  “Currently Unavailable”. 

        32 pages Base price 4.95

Roanoke began manufacturing miniature locomotives in 1998, mainly for 7“ gauge railways, from a small factory in North Devon. The early locomotives were primarily powered by small petrol engines, either with a sit-in cab or hauling a sit-on tender. In addition, the company built a 2ft gauge vertical-boiler steam locomotive and some narrow gauge outline steam locomotives for 7“ gauge railways.

The company also manufactured passenger coaches and wagons and railway chassis for miniature railways, and built to order various steam road vehicles including traction engines and steam lorries, up to 6” scale. Gradually, the business was taken on by the next generation of the family and the new owners started to change direction from 2007. The final locomotive was supplied in 2011, after some 70 locomotives had been built. This book provides information on all of the known railway locomotives manufactured by the company.

Including postage (2nd class within UK); order usually despatched within 7 days




249. THE STRAND MINIATURE RAILWAY  “Currently Unavailable”.

        36 pages. Base price 4.95

This book tracks the first 70 years’ history of the Strand Miniature Railway, through its various incarnations since it first opened in the Strand Leisure Park during 1948. Initially a short 9” gauge line, the railway was converted to 7” gauge at an early stage, when it acquired a steam locomotive. By 1951, the railway was extended to an L-shape configuration (with the obligatory false tunnel) and by 1975 had been extended further to an oblong (but still with the tunnel).


The railway continues today, as one of the many attractions in this popular Medway park – and is still owned by the local council.


As well as describing the history of the railway itself, the book provides information on the various locomotives and rolling stock used on the line and gives brief descriptions of other miniature railways in the Medway towns.

Including postage (2nd class within UK); order usually despatched within 7 days




 “Currently Unavailable”.

         44 pages.  Base price 5.50.  

The 15” gauge Bure Valley Railway is Norfolk’s longest narrow gauge railway, running for 9 miles between its base at Aylsham to Wroxham. Construction, on a former standard gauge branch line, started in May 1989 and the railway opened in July 1990. The railway is now an established part of both the local community and the local tourist scene.


This book describes the history of the railway and its rolling stock. The steam and diesel locomotives based on the line are each described and illustrated. Brief explanations of 15” gauge locomotives visiting the railway are also given. In addition, the book describes and illustrates the passenger coaching stock, generator vans and guard’s vans. The interesting range of departmental wagons is not forgotten.

Including postage (2nd class within the UK). order normally despatched with 7 days




          A LOCOMOTIVE.  “Currently Unavailable”.

        82 pages.  Base price 10.95.   

This is devoted to locomotives built by Kitson of Leeds for a notable 2ft 6-inch gauge railway in India.   It mainly consists of reproductions of the complete set of Kitson’s drawings relating to these 0-8-4 Tank locomotives built in the 1890s, which are preserved in the Narrow Gauge Railway Society library.


 The book appeals to narrow gauge enthusiasts, model engineers and modellers alike: the drawings are accompanied by detailed explanatory text and together provide a complete anatomy of a Victorian steam locomotive.  


  Full explanatory pages cover the background to the development of these locos, the railway on which they worked, the builder, and designer Everard Calthrop.

Including Postage (2nd class within UK); order normally despatched within 7 days’.

241.  MARDYKE MINIATURE LOCOMOTIVES.   “Currently Unavailable”.

         40 pages.  Base price 5.50.  

        This overview of the locomotives built by the leading manufacturer of miniature

         railway equipment Mardyke includes a company history, works list, and

         comprehensive details and photographs of all the types of locos and their operating



          It is based on the records of the late Dave Holroyde, long regarded as a leading

         expert in the field of British miniature railways.


Including Postage (2nd class within UK); order normally despatched within 7 days’.

237.  ROBERT HUDSON LTD. LIGHT RAILWAY MATERIAL 1915  “Currently Unavailable”. 

         96 pages.  Base price 8.95.

      This reprint of a 1915 catalogue of light railway equipment issued by Robert Hudson Ltd.  of Leeds contains a wealth

      of information for anyone interested in narrow gauge railways – particularly modellers and historians.    Robert

      Hudson, celebrating 50 years in business in 1915, had been transformed from a local engineering shop into an

      internationally renowned company, and was about to become principle contractor for rolling track and stock for a

       massive programme of light railway construction for World War One.

      This reprint covers every aspect of light railways - Hudson supplied trackwork, steam and internal combustion

      locomotives, industrial and passenger rolling stock, mining and quarrying equipment, wheels, axles and other wagon

      components – even specialist equipment for steelworks and blacksmiths.  Profusely illustrated with

       pictures, drawings and diagrams, it is a fascinating insight into light railways a century ago.

Including Postage (2nd class within UK); order normally despatched within 7 days’.

236.  CAILLET’S PATENT MONO-RAIL SYSTEM.  “Currently Unavailable”.

         44 pages. By John L Townsend.  Base price 5.50.  

        There were a great many versions of the simple mono-rail idea, and probably the most widely used of the ground level

        systems was that patented by a Monsieur Henri Jules Caillet of Paris,  Little is known of Caillet himself, but a great

        deal about his railway system – collected here.

        The book traces his French, British, Canadian and American patents, and reproduces contemporary accounts of the

        systems in use, illustrated by period photographs and technical drawings.

Including Postage (2nd class within UK); order normally despatched within 7 days’.


         “Currently Unavailable”.   64 pp  By R.G.Cash.  Base Price 6.95.

        This little-known railway system was invented around 1913 after the realisation that rails

        which were heavy enough to carry a locomotive were far stronger than was necessary

        for wagons or carriages. The idea was that the track would be built in lighter materials

        with the main weight of the locomotive being carried on road wheels which ran

        alongside, the loco being located on the rails by small bogies.


       The system was promoted in rural areas where savings were necessary to make a

       railway viable, but despite its ingenuity had little success and disappeared within twenty

       years. Despite this, the book sheds light on a little-known and intriguing aspect of


Including Postage (2nd class within UK); order normally despatched within 7 days’. 



        70pp.  By Robert Nicholls.  Base Price 7.95

        Davyhulme is a major location in the treatment of sewage in the Manchester area. This book tells the story as it has

        developed over the past 130 years along with the part played by narrow-gauge railways – all you ever wanted to know

        about sewage !

Including Postage (2nd class within UK); order normally despatched within 7 days’. 

227. THE NARROW GAUGE 2-8-2's OF PATAGONIA  “Currently Unavailable”. 

          52pp.   Base Price - 5.99 

         This is Robert Humm’s comprehensive history of the 90-year-old 2-8-2s (Baldwin, Henschel and others) which

         negotiate the stark desert scenery, the mountains, the sharp curves and steep gradients of the Patagonian area of

         Argentina. Fully illustrated in colour and black & white.

Including Postage (2nd class within UK); order normally despatched within 7 days’.

224.  ROMNEY ENGINES, CARRIAGES AND WAGONS  “Currently Unavailable”. 

          54pp.  Base Price - 6.99

         Revised and updated in July 2017.

Published jointly with the Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway, this book describes every item of rolling-stock which a present-day visitor to the line is likely to see. It fills a rather surprising gap in this oft-described line in covering not only the locomotives but also the carriages and wagons, which are otherwise generally neglected.


Every existing carriage and wagon is described in detail, whilst locomotive tables include mileage figures and even the type of whistle carried by each engine!   Very fully illustrated and in colour.


This reprint covers every aspect of light railways - Hudson supplied trackwork, steam and internal combustion

Including Postage (2nd class within UK); order normally despatched within 7 days’.

223. TUNNELLING THE HUDSON – NEW YORK CITY  “Currently Unavailable”. 

        24pp.  Base Price - 4.95

        Our first book dealing with a U.S. subject is this monograph describing the construction of the first railway

        tunnels under the Hudson River, with particular reference to the narrow-gauge lines used for spoil removal.

        The whole project took more than thirty years to complete. Fully illustrated.

Including Postage (2nd class within UK); order normally despatched within 7 days’.


         52pp.   Base Price - 6.95

The vast plantations of palm trees in Malaysia are served by an intricate network of 70cm-gauge railways stretching

         for more than 400 kilometres. This book describes the lines, their method of working, and the variety of

         small locomotives used, some of which are used on trains exceeding 300 tonnes in weight. 

         Fully illustrated in colour throughout.

Including Postage (2nd class within UK); order normally despatched within 7 days’.

212.  CARRIAGES AND WAGONS OF THE TALYLLYN “Currently Unavailable”.   24pp.  Base Price - 5.20

Published in Autumn 2010,  this gem is an up-to-date comprehensive catalogue of the carriages and wagons on the

Talyllyn Railway. Supporting histories are supplied together with almost 90 colour photographs taken in the last two years.

Including Postage (2nd class within UK); order normally despatched within 7 days’.

208. THE LOCOMOTIVES OF SEVERN-LAMB Ltd  “Currently Unavailable”.  88pp.  Base Price - 9.95 

Warwickshire-based engineers Severn-Lamb Ltd have been manufacturing transport-related items for the leisure industry for over fifty years. Their output includes road trains, monorails, theme-park rides and steam launches, but they mainly concentrate on narrow-gauge and miniature locomotives, steam and diesel, for gauges between 7”

and 3 feet. Over 140 photos, most in colour, illustrate the firm’s output.


The Miniature Railway World said:

This excellent new book has just been written by well known miniature railway  personality Dave Holroyde and Lawson Little - about a fascinating company who have built and continue to build, a huge array of miniature railway locomotives, both steam and diesel. Severn Lamb Ltd dates back to 1949, and has always been a family business, building mainly commercial diesel locomotives, but also steam locomotives and miniature boats. Although now mainly building narrow gauge locomotives, this book catalogues the all important miniature railway locomotives that got the company where it is today. It is good to see that this collection has finally been recorded, and the loco details and the interesting photos that come with it make it a book worth buying. Strongly recommended.

Including Postage (2nd class within UK); order normally despatched within 7 days’.

203.  BRITISH TRANSPORTER WAGONS  “Currently Unavailable”. 36pp.  Base Price - 4.95 

An often forgotten and rarely covered subject is the carriage of goods across railways of different gauges using specialised flat wagons, which eliminate the need to tranship the goods where gauges change. There are over 25 photographs and diagrams of the many gauges of wagon used, both historical and of wagons in current use abroad.

Out of Stock

Including Postage (2nd class within UK); order normally despatched within 7 days’.

177.  RANSOMES AND RAPIER LOCOMOTIVES  “Currently Unavailable”.  72pp. Base Price - 6.95

Published July 2002, detailing the story of the locomotives produced by this Ipswich-based manufacturer. This is the first comprehensive record of this little-known aspect of an otherwise famous company. The text is supported by over 50 illustrations, including several rare or previously unpublished photographs. 70 pages.

Including Postage (2nd class within UK); order normally despatched within 7 days’.

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